Australian Junior Open

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The AJO is open to all competitors, both national and international, age groups under 11 to under 19, both boys and girls. The tournament will be run in Darwin at the Darwin Squash Centre, 12th - 15th January, 2017.

Event Date:
Individual Tournament - 12/1/17 - 15/1/17

Entries close 12th December, 2016

Darwin Squash Centre
6 Marrara Drive
Marrara, 0810 NT

Accommodation: Purchase accommodation here:

Merchandise will be available via pre-order ONLY. To order merchandise, please do so when entering the tournament or via the online shop:

There will be no refunds given on merchandise. Please check sizing before ordering. Note: Shirt sizes are not the same as AJC 2016.


Seeding for the tournament will be based on the December rankings, as at the 7th December, 2016.

Tournament Contact Details:
Tara Montgomery, Squash Australia
Office 9, Sports House
150 Caxton Street, Milton QLD 4064
P: (07) 3367 3200
F: (07) 3367 3320

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Jon van der Kreek
18 Jan 2017
  Overall Experience
Please Squash Australia can you fix the Australian Junior points system and consult each state / region regarding tournament seeding. Does the point system take into account PSA or O/S Junior tournaments?
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Remi Young
16 Jan 2017
  Overall Experience
I have many comments:
1. When the draws were first released, it was pointed out (by myself and at least one other) that the seeding position of the top U15 NZ boy was incorrect; from past results against the other boys in the draw and a better Australian boy, it was clear to players and coaches that he should have been seeded no. 1. The draw was changed but only to move this boy to no. 4 seed, the lazy option! As the results clearly show, this NZ boy was the best player in that category, winning all his matches easily 3-0. It would be interesting to know why further study of that player's results did not result in a correct adjustment of the seedings? The seedings in most other age groups were also clearly wrong, as only 1 of the no.1 seeded players actually won their category!
2. The time schedule of matches was far too long (almost no matches during any junior event last for 45 minutes). Your policies recommend a follow-on pattern for matches, which enables players and organisers to finish early during days when matches are quickly over. It is understandable when live streaming is involved that some matches should only start at the scheduled time. However, in this event, matches on the last three days were being held up unnecessarily, when players were keen to start.
3. In the U15 boys event, the scheduled interval between the start of the quarter-finals and semi-finals was only 2 hours and 15 minutes. This meant that, after a match lasting 30-40 minutes, the players had less than 90 minutes to recover. I have been unable to find a ruling on the time interval between rounds in the Squash Australia events policies, but I suggest that this is quickly amended before a junior becomes physically exhausted or ill during a 2nd (too soon) match. I was informed that this was not checked by the tournament program, but should have been picked up by the organisers themselves beforehand. In other events, an interval of at least 3/4 hours is required.
4. There was no check kept on which referees were assigned to which player's matches. It so happened that one player had the same referee on 3 of his 4 matches! Complete coincidence maybe, but different referees are good for experience of these juniors.
5. Special arrangements were made for (some) players leaving on the afternoon/evening of finals day to receive their medals at the end of play, at the squash centre. Others (including the NZ group) were made to attend the Presentation evening later that day. This divided up the presentation unnecessarily. It would have been better to award all medals at the end of the event at the squash centre when all players, parents and spectators were still present.
6. Although I only attended the Presentation evening as a parent until after the awards were made, it was clear to me that the price of $40 for a 'wok-in-the-box' type of dinner was excessive, even considering that free drinks were included. I would be interested to know how this extra cost could be justified for parents who had already paid large amounts to get their children to the event , together with accommodation and food during the event? Surely this type of presentation event is an unnecessary financial burden? It should be entirely sponsored or not held at all.
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Where & When
Thu, Jan 12th 2017
Sun, Jan 15th 2017
Mon, Dec 12th 2016 11:59pm

6 Marrara Drive
Marrara, Northern Territory 0812
Sanctioned Event

This is a Squash Australia sanctioned event.

Tournament Officials

Heather Brady

Northern Territory, AU

Kay Kendall

Southport, Queensland, AU

Tara Montgomery

Australian Capital Territory, AU

Iain McLennan

Jindalee, Queensland, AU

Carol Hackett

Hastings, East Sussex, GB
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